Princess Diana: The Glorious Kind-Hearted Princess

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It has been 23 years since Princess Diana tragically died in a car accident in Paris at the age of 36. Born Diana Frances Spencer; (1st July 1961 – 31 August 1997). Diana’s activity in various social work and glamour made her an international icon and earned her enduring popularity.

She was the most pictured celebrity in the world. 

Diana The glorious queen


The full name  Diana was Diana Frances Spencer was born on July 1,1961 at Park House, Sandringham, Norfolk. She was one of the foremost widespread celebrities, was a member of the British Royal Family.

She was the spouse of the Prince of Wales, Charles, and Prince William and Prince Harry’s mother. Not only for her beauty, but Diana’s activity in various social services and glamour also created her a world icon. An Icon of Beauty & Humanity.

She was the daughter of Edward John Spencer and Frances Ruth Burke Roche, Diana’s grandmother, Cynthia sociologist, and Ruth Roche had served as ladies-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth, The queen dowager.

Diana grew up in Park House, Sandringham estate. It was a rented house by Spencer’s from the owner Queen Elizabeth II, wherever the members of the royal house usually spend their holidays, Diana played with the queen’s son but not with Charles, it was Prince Andrew and  Prince Edward. Thus it to be aforesaid that, from childhood, Diana was much conversant in the Royal house of Britain.

But once she was six, Diana lived with her mother in London throughout her parents’ separation in 1967. But she came back to her father’s home when  Lord Althorp(Father of Diana) got her custody with support from his former in-law, in 1976.

Her mother later began a relationship with Peter Shand Kydd and married him in 1969 and her father Lord Althorp married Raine. Diana’s relationship with her stepmother was significantly not good.

Education and Career

After school education Diana came back to London and stayed in her mother’s flat with two college friends In London, she took a sophisticated cookery course although she was from a flush family however she was a hard-working and really energetic lady.

She worked as a dance teacher for youth until a sports accident happened. After that, she worked as a playgroup preschool assistant and acted as a hostess at parties. Diana worked as a nanny for the Robertsons, and she worked for as a nursery teacher at the Young England College in Pimlico.

 Marriage & Children

From childhood Diana was very much familiar with the royals, she played with Prince Edward and Prince Andrew and wished to be a part of the royal family. She once told a friend, “I want  to be a dancer or Princes of Wales.”Charles was qualitatively dated with Diana’s sister Lady Sarah Spencer. however, the relationship ends once Sarah declares “ I am not going to marry Charles”. After this incident, Charl paid more attention to Diana, as a bride.

Diana got interested in Charl once she watched him play polo, and their relationship developed as Charles invited her for a sailing weekend to Cowes aboard the royal yacht Britannia, followed by a call for participation to the castle, the Windsor family’s Scottish home.

The couple went on many dates in London, and six months later,  Prince of Wales and Diana declared their engagement to the press, Diana Herbert Spencer became Diana,  of Wales, once she married Charles on July 29, 1981. Diana was 19 and Charl was 31.

Their wedding came about at St. Paul’s Cathedral within the presence of two,2650 guests. The couple arrived on an individual basis and departed along by carriage ride through the streets of London. The event was broadcast on television and around 1,000 million people watched the ceremony. Thousands of people lined the route from Buckingham Palace to the Cathedral. The wedding reception was at Buckingham Palace. It was a glorious ceremony.

The royal wedding was broadcast on tv around the world; Nearly one billion people watched the show.

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 Divorce from Prince of Wales

Diana’s separation from Charles was finalised on 28 August 1996  Diana received a lump sum settlement of £17 million as well as £400,000 per year.

 The couple became unloved over the years, and Diana struggled with depression and bulimia, throughout their union, there have been reports of infidelities from each party. Consistent with The Diana Chronicles, a book by Tina Brown, where it was mentioned, that Diana had fallen in love with Hasnat Khan, a Pakistani medical specialist whom she met in 1995.

 Relationship with Dodi Fayed

Diana whipped people tabloids into a mania once she began a relationship with filmmaker and businessman Dodi Fayed in 1997. Fayed invited Diana and her family on his yacht in the south of France.

The couple reportedly met at a 1986 polo match once Fayed and Charles competed in opposing groups. They reconnected and overtly dated over the summer of 1997, disbursal time along in Sardinia, the south of France, and Paris.

Tragic Death of the  Princes :

While visiting Paris, Diana and Dodi Fayed were involved in a very automotive crash while attempting to flee from the paparazzi, early on the morning of August 31, 1997. Fayed and therefore the driver was pronounced dead at the scene but Diana was alive and after the fatal crash and talked to a rescue person she said: “What happened?”. When the rescue team put her into the ambulance she was not severely injured because she was in the back seat of the car, but after a couple of hours, she died in the hospital!!!! She was 36 years old at the time of death.


Diana was so popular not only for his beauty but also for her humanity.  Diana worked for AIDS patients and also worked for Land mine victims. She fought for a land mine ban. In 1997 when Princess Diana walked through the minefields in Angola. Shortly after her visit, the Ottawa Mine Ban Treaty was signed, calling for all countries to unite to free the world of landmines. It was a great success in her life.

We can say, she saved thousands of people by being a victim of cruel weapons, not only that she helped many Land mine victims for their better survival. These types of work made her an Iconic human personnel to the world. Princess Diana is still very popular among the people and will remain forever. 

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